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Dr. Harshvardhan Sahijwani, M.S., M.Ch.
Fellow in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery (Belgium)
Ex-Consultant GCRI, Ahmedabad

Dr. Harshvardhan Sahijwani is an accomplished plastic, cosmetic, and microvascular surgeon who is dedicated to providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding results to his patients. He has gained extensive knowledge and professional experience in the field of plastic surgery and is committed to achieving excellence through his work.

– Advanced Cosmetic Surgery
– Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
– Microvascular Surgery

– MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
– MS (Master of Surgery)
– M.Ch. (Magister Chirurgiae)
– Fellow in advanced cosmetic surgery ( Belgium)

Professional Journey:

Dr. Harshvardhan Sahijwani pursued his career in plastic surgery after completing his MBBS and MS degrees. He further specialized in the field by completing a prestigious fellowship in Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery in Ghent, Belgium under the guidance of renowned cosmetic surgeons Dr. Patrick Tonnard and Dr. Alexis Verpaele.

After returning to India, Dr. Harshvardhan Sahijwani worked as a consultant at the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI), Ahmedabad. During his tenure, he sharpened his skills in microvascular surgery. Additionally, he gained hands-on training at Ma Amrita Institute, Kochi, and Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, which further expanded his knowledge and expertise in complex surgical procedures.

Current Practice:

When it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery, you want to choose a clinic that you can trust. Fortunately, Divine Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Centre, owned by Dr. Harshvardhan Sahijwani, is a beacon of excellence in this field.

Dr. Harshvardhan and his dedicated team of professionals offer personalized attention and cutting-edge treatment options that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. They strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where patients can feel comfortable and confident throughout their journey to enhanced aesthetics and improved well-being.

What’s more, Dr. Harshvardhan is a visiting consultant at several esteemed institutions, including SGVP Hospital, Epic Hospital, Narayana Hrudalaya Hospital, Saraswati Hospital, and KD Hospital. He extends his expertise to a broader patient base, further enriching the landscape of plastic surgery in the region.

Choose Divine Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Centre for your plastic and cosmetic surgical needs. You won’t be disappointed!

Awards and Recognitions:
– Dynamic Debutante Award
– Service in COVID-19 Pandemic Award
– Certificate of Appreciation received at the 36th Plastic Surgery Camp in Veraval