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Post Burn Deformity Correction

What is Post Burn Deformity Correction ?

Post-burn deformity correction is a crucial aspect of burn injury recovery, aimed at restoring function and aesthetics for patients who have suffered from severe burns. Burn injuries can result in debilitating deformities, affecting not only physical appearance but also hindering everyday activities. At Divine Plastic Surgery Clinic we specialize in comprehensive post-burn deformity correction procedures to help patients regain their confidence and quality of life.



Our post-burn deformity correction procedures involve a personalized approach tailored to each patient’s specific needs and circumstances. The process typically includes:
1. Consultation and Assessment: Our expert medical team evaluates the extent of burn deformities and discusses treatment options with the patient.
2. Surgical Intervention: We employ advanced surgical techniques to correct deformities, such as skin grafting, tissue expansion, or flap reconstruction, depending on the individual case.
3. Rehabilitation: Following surgery, our rehabilitation specialists work closely with patients to optimize recovery, improve mobility, and facilitate reintegration into daily activities.
4. Treatment of Contractures: If contractures have already developed, our approach includes targeted interventions to address these complications. This may involve a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and specialized surgical procedures such as Z-plasty, contracture release, or insertion of skin grafts in the affected areas. Our goal is to restore function and range of motion to the maximum extent possible, aiding patients in achieving better outcomes and quality of life.

Before & After Operation:

Results :

Dr. Harshvardhan has successfully treated patients with up to 65% total body surface area involved in burns. Neglected cases that develop contractures can also be effectively managed through our comprehensive care approach. We understand that survival from severe burns is just the beginning of the journey, and our dedicated team is committed to providing support and assistance throughout the recovery process.

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