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Microvascular Surgeries

What are Microvascular surgeries ?

Microvascular surgeries represent a groundbreaking advancement in the field of medicine, offering unparalleled solutions for conditions such as cancer, trauma, and congenital malformations. This innovative procedure involves the transfer of tissues from one part of the body, along with its intricate network of blood vessels, to the affected area. By delicately connecting these vessels to the blood vessels at the target site, microvascular surgeons can restore function and appearance with remarkable precision.



1. Preparation: Before the surgery, patients undergo comprehensive evaluations to assess their suitability for microvascular procedures.
2. Harvesting Tissue: Tissues, along with their blood vessels, are carefully harvested from a donor site on the patient’s body.
3. Microsurgical Connection: Surgeons meticulously connect the tiny blood vessels from the harvested tissue to those at the recipient site using specialized microsurgical techniques.
4. Reconstruction: Once the connections are established, the transferred tissue is shaped and secured to reconstruct the affected area.
5. Post-operative Care: Patients receive thorough post-operative care to ensure proper healing and optimal outcomes.

Before & After Operation:


The results of microvascular surgeries are often transformative, restoring both function and aesthetics for patients. Whether reconstructing facial features following trauma, restoring breast tissue after mastectomy, or repairing defects caused by congenital malformations, microvascular procedures offer life-changing outcomes.

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